Weddings are becoming more and more exciting, thanks to trending innovations in photography and videography. One of the hot trends that is currently used at wedding receptions is the 3D montage show. This concept is widely offered in photography packages. Still images are usually taken before the day of the wedding and manipulated digitally so they appear in 3D. Special effects and music are frequently included as well. The finished video is a movie that can be played during a wedding reception.

An Instant “Wow” Factor

A one-of-a-kind keepsake, the video often displays pictures taken throughout the couple’s lives. However, the involved editing process does not allow the addition of pictures from the actual wedding ceremony. Nevertheless, if you want to add an instant “wow” factor to your wedding ceremony, this form of videography is an ideal enhancement. If you are looking for a form of entertainment that will awe your guests, then choosing this video package could be well worth the expense.

Wedding Trailers

Besides ordering Inspired Design Wedding invitations, you may also want to include a wedding trailer after the stationery has been delivered and the ceremony is performed. This dramatic spin on a wedding video serves as a preview of the event. That is because the videography uses such technological add-ons as epic musical scores and special editing effects. Some videos include a voiceover as well.

This particular video product acts as a teaser to show what viewers will see in the full-length feature wedding video. Whilst every videographer’s technique is different, the idea is to share some of the emotional moments of the wedding without completely giving them away.

A “Trash the Dress” Video

You might also think about producing a “Trash the Dress” video. Some brides don’t keep their wedding dresses, which are formal gowns that they likely will never wear again. This type of production is suited for those brides who wish to completely dispense of their gowns.

The concept behind the product is to have fun. Therefore, brides jump in puddles or permit children to place their sticky little hands on the fabric whilst the activities are filmed. It turns out that this type of video is often a favourite keepsake of most brides.

An Indie Film

You can also turn your wedding event into an indie documentary. Because technology is advanced today, you can have a video made that is quite impressive. Many filmmakers are using their skills in wedding videography. The finished product in turn has the same qualities as an independent film. The concept behind the movie is not to only tell a story but to portray the characters too. Filmmakers pick up the people’s reactions, conversations, and various moods. They want viewers to capture the wedding event beyond what is revealed in the normal footage.

When a film of this dimension is made, more time needs to be spent in editing. As a result, the process is often costlier. However, you will receive a big payoff in the form that the product takes. This is one wedding video that you and your friends and family will want to view more than just once. It’s one treasure that will be viewed throughout your married life.