Stills and movie productions from around the globe decide to shoot in Cape Town because of its diverse locations and delightful light. Through the summer time several weeks the town hosts a regular flow of worldwide clients benefiting from the planet class infrastructure, cosmopolitan atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. Although not all are shooting on location all the time. It is sometimes Cape Town’s stunning and varied choice of daylight studios that draws them.

Daylight studios provide a perfect solution for productions in which a amount of control is required but in which the special characteristics of daylight change lives. Cape Town is famous because of its fabulous light which studios allow photographers to utilize it, free from the vagaries which are a part of focusing on location. Wind, bugs, changeable weather all can be factored from the equation within the studio, although the professional photographer continues to be coping with shifting sunlight, colour temperature and all sorts of other variables of daylight shooting.

Cape Town’s well toned infrastructure offers a multitude of daylight studios: whether you’ll need a seem-stage for any film production, a drive-in daylight studio for any vehicle shoot, or perhaps a light filled space for any fashion shoot, you’ll be able to select from a big selection. Your Cape Town production service can recommend the right daylight studio for the particular shoot on the other hand listed here are a couple of of a few of the city’s finest to provide you with a concept.

Will a rooftop daylight studio with views within the city center to Table Mountain seem appealing? This can be a stunning modern studio with 250 square metres of sunshine filled space appropriate for stills or film productions. It also has various outdoors decks with palm lined greenery for additional interest.

If your restored historic building with double volume home windows flooded with light is much more what you’re searching for then you’ve a range of studios as Cape Town’s city center has lots of venerable Victorian structures now functioning as professional studios.

There are the dedicated studio complexes that provide a number of different spaces on a single premises, from drive-in daylight studio to double volume with mezzanine as well as other lifestyle studio set ups.

Obviously for a lot of worldwide productions visiting Cape Town, a couple of days shooting inside a studio is coupled with an active location shooting schedule, adding exactly that extra component of versatility to some city that’s already among the best on the planet to shoot in.