A ribbon is a thin band made of any material, used for decorative binding and other purposes. Cloth, plastic or metal are the common material used in the manufacture of ribbon. Fabric ribbons are available in the market made of a various type of materials such as silk, velvet, cotton, jute and others. These fabrics are used for household, ornamental, and symbolic purposes. Different cultures around the world make use of ribbons such as decoration in their hair, ornamentation, and packaging. Some popular fabrics available in the market for manufacturing ribbons are satin, organza (chiffon), sheer, silk, velvet, and grosgrain. The manufacture of cloth ribbons is an integral part of the textile industries.

Grosgrain is a type of fabric characterized by its ribbed appearance. Grosgrain fabric has a dull appearance with a hint of luster, but it is durable fabric material to be used for the manufacture of ribbons. It is a close-woven, and fine-corded fabric in the industry. The fabric is mostly black, but it can be made available in many different colors. This grosgrain ribbon comes in a huge variety of patterns and colors.

“Grosgrain” is one of the commonly used words which refer to a thick, stiff ribbon of silk or nylon. These ribbons are used in fabric industry for the manufacture of skirts, waistbands. The production of waistbands requires less material and help in assisting bulk orders. These ribbons are widely used in the production of lustrous evening wears, used for facings of dinner jackets, frock coats, and others. Grosgrain ribbon has been a part of hat decoration since olden times. They are utilized in the creation one of the beautiful hats coupled with flower and ribbon decoration. These are also used in various other applications such as book-binding, craftworks and cargo and packing use. With the transformation in style, these grosgrain ribbon are now used as watch bands. They have replaced leather, stainless steel watch bands in the market. They are named as “NATO” straps, which are inexpensive, durable and can be switched according to dress colours. These ribbons are also used as percussion as tensioning material. They help in providing good insurance against slippage in snare drums. The fabric and ribbon are common structural materials for the reinforcement of sheaves in the beautiful commercial industry and hobby book-binding and book restoration. Finerribbon.com is one of the companies engaged in the manufacture of grosgrain ribbons which can be used in varied application areas and events.