Do you dream of holding a traditional Asian wedding? Asian weddings are defined by the amazing Asian culture, traditions and colours. Today, Asian weddings are held everywhere in the world. However, Asian weddings are quite different from the rest. As you plan for an Asian wedding, make sure that you have mastered the culture and theme. Here are some of the things that define a perfect Asian wedding ceremony.

Choose an Asian wedding theme

There are several Asian wedding themes. The most popular and stylish themes are Bollywood, Arabic nights, Far East, royal and colour-specific themes. Each theme has its own style. Once you choose a theme, make sure that you stick with it to the end. Make it colourful by adding little touches to the theme. A royal theme, for instance, involves decorating the wedding venue elements based on regal weddings, like puppet shows, folk dances, and rich silk drapes.

Personalise your wedding

This is the best way to showcase your culture and traditions. Personalise your Asian wedding by wearing an Asian wedding dress, serve your guests with home-made non-alcoholic drinks or cocktails, and add street food, local delicacies or chaat on your menu. A henna-inspired cake would be perfect for an Asian-themed wedding.

Choose an Asian wedding venue

Find a perfect venue to hold an Asian wedding ceremony. If you are in the UK, there are several Asian wedding venues to choose from. There are various factors you need to consider when choosing an Asian wedding venue. First, think of the number of guests. You should decide on either an open or closed wedding ceremony. Choose a venue that complements your Asian wedding theme. Lastly, consider the space, as an Asian wedding involves several rituals and ceremonies such as Walima, Sangeet, Mehndi party and Doodh Pilai.

Consider venue terms and conditions

Some wedding venues have strict rules that may not be ideal for an Asian wedding. Make a list of potential Asian wedding grounds to visit. A perfect venue should permit photography and fireworks. An Asian wedding is defined by a lot of noise and fireworks. You should also enquire about the time your guests should leave the venue. Usually, an Asian wedding ends late at night. Make sure that the venue management will allow you to have your wedding ceremony within your scheduled timeline.

Lastly, consider the budget of your wedding ceremony. All the above factors have a cost. Have a budget for every activity. A successful wedding ceremony should be within your wedding budget. You can cut down on some of the expenses and still have a perfect wedding. We highly recommend that you involve a wedding planner to help you plan for a less-expensive and unique Asian wedding.

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