An eco-friendly wedding is a great way to give back on your big day. This new and growing trend in wedding planning is gaining popularity as an increasing number of people are becoming aware of the benefits of going eco-friendly.

One idea for an eco-friendly wedding is to hold it outdoors. You will find yourself using much less electricity by skipping an indoor venue. Examples of outdoor locations where you can have a wedding of this type include vineyards and farms. However, if you are more comfortable with the idea of an indoor wedding there are still ways that you can be a friend of the environment.

Many natural resources will be saved if you book an indoor venue that can accommodate both your ceremony and reception. Since your guests won’t have to drive from one venue to another, they will be conserving fuel. Another idea, especially if you are having your wedding and reception during the day time, is to choose a venue with floor to ceiling windows so that you can use natural sunlight as opposed to electricity.

When choosing your wedding invitations ensure that they will be printed on recycled paper. Also consider creating a wedding website where your guests can get the information they would normally get from paper inserts included in the invitations. You can also save on paper use by sending electronic save-the-date cards.

Obtaining your wedding flowers from a local vendor is the best way to ensure that they were organically grown. Choosing flowers that are in season is the best way to ensure they are picked a few days before your wedding and delivered fresh. If you must choose flowers that are not in season you can still be environmentally friendly by ensuring that the flowers you do choose are certified Vera-Flora, meaning that chemicals were never used to help them grow. Another way to have an eco-friendly wedding that many couples don’t think of is to use a service that will take your wedding flowers from you when you are done with them and reuse those flowers. You can also choose to decorate the guest tables at your wedding reception with potted plants that you can take home afterwards and plant in your own garden.

Even the caterer you choose can help you have an eco-friendly wedding. A growing trend is to hire a catering company that a catering company that uses locally grown ingredients in its dishes. Many bakeries will also work with you to ensure that the ingredients they use in your wedding cake are organic. The closer the catering company and bakery are to your wedding venue the less distance they will have to travel as well. By booking a caterer and bakery near your venue you are helping your vendors to save fuel as well.

Your wedding favors are another thing to consider, and most people stick to obvious items like biodegradable confetti or seed packets. However, items such as wedding sparklers are also a great way to keep the environment happy. Most people cringe at the idea of burning something at an “eco-friendly” wedding, but sparklers for weddings are made without perchlorates and pigments which are the main contributors to pollution. Also, since wedding sparklers burn so hot, they create virtually no smoke and what is released is completely non-toxic and harmless. Lastly, you can recycle the metal wire that is let over when you finish with your wedding sparklers, so there is no trash leftover when you’re done. All of these factors make using sparklers as your wedding favors an excellent option for any eco-friendly wedding.

Having a wedding that is eco-friendly can make you feel like you are doing your part to help the environment while still celebrating your new marriage.