In an age where everything seems to be accessible on a screen or on the web, we often forget that there was once a time when we could relive some of our favourite memories by looking through printed photographs. How many photos have you snapped at a wedding, party, or another special event, only to forget them months later, or perhaps even lose them after getting a new phone or a hard drive failure? Digital photos are great, but how many of them do we really treasure, and how many of them will survive into the future?

Contrary to what marketers would have you think, film photography has not disappeared at all. Though the industry is much smaller than it used to be due to the phenomenal rise of digital photography, it still serves a great many enthusiasts worldwide. Part of the reason for this may be because at heart we still prefer to hold something physical in our hands to relive a special memory. Indeed, the idea of going through boxes of old photos still appeals to many people.

A Better Way to Relive Great Memories

Despite the interesting rise in the sales of film, we won’t be going back to it anytime soon as a whole. Digital photography is certainly here to stay due to the many benefits it offers, but what if the fun and immediacy of digital photography could be combined with an on-demand print service that allows one to share hard copies?

Hiring photobooths for parties, family get-togethers, weddings, and other special events has become very popular in recent years. They enable a real sense of fun, frivolity, and immediacy, but what if a service could combine this experience with a large social media platform such as Instagram?

Some innovative companies offer the hiring of open air photobooths and special Instagram printers that can print on-demand. Can you imagine this at a party of young and social media savvy people? Entire groups of people could take a photo with their smartphones, share them on Instagram, and have them automatically printed by a special photo printer. Not only would this enable a sense of immediacy and fun through the convergence of social media sharing and digital photography, but it would also provide physical keepsakes in the form of printed photos.

A Convergence of Technologies Helps to Relive Special Memories

Photobooth hire in Melbourne is available at affordable rates in blocks of time and can be set up to print whenever a special hashtag is detected on an Instagram feed. This makes it not only easy to set up, but also intuitive for people who are used to a digital world of social media sharing. Not only will all of their followers receive photos instantly, but physical print-outs in high quality can be collected and kept as treasured keepsakes for the future. No longer will party goers have to worry about losing their party or event photos in a hard drive crash or smartphone disaster.