The Shard is the tallest building in the capital city and this allows you to have panoramic views of the entire city. You will have a private room to yourself so that you can make the moment even more special for both you and your partner.

All of this can be arranged by a specialist proposal company so that you will not need to worry about a single aspect of the proposal.

Proposal At Notting Hill Gardens

Notting Hill is one of the most iconic places for romantic proposals in London to take place. It is where the famous Carnival occurs every year. You will be able to walk around the Notting Hill gardens when you are going to propose. You might also want to have a picnic with delicious food and drinks. This will put you in the mood to propose and your partner will be happy that they are in such relaxing surroundings.

Proposal At The Art Gallery In The Ritz

When you are going to propose, you might want to look at some of the finest art that London has to offer. This will be possible when you are proposing at the Ritz Hotel. After you and your partner have gone through the art gallery, you will be able to have a three-course meal in the restaurant of the hotel.

Then you can retire to a private room when you want to propose. You do not need to arrange any of this by yourself. Instead, you will be able to leave all of this to a proposal company. They will make sure that a table is booked in the Ritz restaurant and they will also be able to book you a room.

This will be a proposal for you to remember and your partner will probably say yes to you.

Proposal At The Bandstand In Hyde Park

The bandstand in Hyde Park is a great setting for a proposal because it is such a peaceful part of the capital. You will be able to walk through the park before proposing at the bandstand that has been specially reserved for you. You will be able to propose as the band plays a tune that you have specifically chosen.

Proposal After A Singing Serenade At Tower Bridge

You can arrange for the proposal to take place at Tower Bridge with the help of a proposal company. This will be done to the backdrop of a band serenading the both of you. This is an extremely romantic setting. You will be able to choose the song that is being sung when you have a meeting with the proposal organisers.

Treasure Hunt Around Iconic London Landmarks

You can arrange to have a treasure hunt around iconic London landmarks such as Trafalgar Square. You will then be able to “find” the ring and then propose to your partner.

London is one of the best places that you can choose for a proposal.