Weddings by their very nature have to be memorable, and certainly contain some elements of sparkle. The very idea that you will be spending a day dedicated to love is enough to add some sparkle to anyone’s eyes.

But if you want your wedding to have more shine than the sun in the summer and more sparkle than the Fourth of July, we have some ideas. Not all of these are right for you, but I am betting that somewhere in here we have an idea that sparkles so bright it could be listed at our favorite online store any day now.

Gold Sequins

Yes, we know it sounds a bit over the top, but heck, how often were you planning to marry this guy? You can add some gold sequins to a table runner and get some extra sparkle going at the reception. Sprinkle them around to get that golden sparkle happening all over the place. Just be careful you don’t overdo it or else people will be looking for Elvis to arrive instead of the bride.

Contrast the Sparkle

Another cool idea is to have your table runners on the reception tables be in complete contrast to the décor. An example of this is to have black sequined table runners with gold decorations sitting above and gold chargers at the tables. Dramatic, impressive and definitely sparkly.


There are few things as elegant as real crystal. It doesn’t matter if it is found in the glassware sitting on the table or in the chandeliers high above. Want to add some class? Center each table with a black candlestick with clear crystals hanging down to match the simple black silverware. Elegant, simple and oh so very sparkly.

Country Sparkle

If you are more of a shabby-chic kinda gal, you may love this idea. Take a bunch of mason jars and spray paint them with metallic paint in silver and gold. Use these as your centerpieces with fresh flowers for that country sparkle that is unmistakable.

Rhinestones for Dinner

If you are handy, or know someone who is, why not create your own special napkin rings for the occasion? You can make them with rhinestones and simple settings from old necklaces. Each setting will be different and they make a great memento of the wedding.

Gold Rose Petals

We saw this at a show recently and fell in love with the idea. Rose petals dipped in gold and sprinkled across the tables makes a dramatic and unusual setting. Add in the right lighting and you have a golden sparkle that lasts all night.

Boho Feathers Glitter

There are so many themes to embrace for a wedding and Boho is one that is getting real popular. If this is a look you love, why not add some extra sparkle by dipping feathers into metallic glitter. Your bohemian wedding will sparkle with a new light as a feather accent.

Sparkle All Around

As you can see there are so many ways to add some sparkle to a wedding, regardless of the theme or setting. From golden petals to sparkling crystal accents, your wedding will shine the way your heart does every time he looks your way. Celebrate and shine!