Planning a wedding can mean a lot of work. Apart from deciding on the basic aspects like venue and destination, you also need to work on ways to add more excitement and zing to the event. Of course, an obvious choice is to get wedding planners for the job, but a few things can be added at a personal level. In this post, we will talk of 3 things that are must at a wedding, not just for the couple, but for the guests, as well.

A photo booth

For the longest time, photo booths have been used at varied events, corporate functions and even at birthday parties. Adding one to your wedding can be a great way to engage the guests. Not to forget, this is one of the rather inexpensive ways to entertain at event. Otherwise, hiring a known brand or a team of live musicians can cost a fortune. If you are looking for photh booths for hire, makes sure that you check for props, and if the budget is tight, get the bookings in advance.

Light up letters

Light up letters are created from wood and are 5 foot letters, which are lit up using Led lights. There are varied kinds of letters available, and you can create any kind of design that you want. Right from simple ‘Love’ to ‘Mr & Mrs’, there are a wide range of choices. Besides adding a lot of charm to the venue, you can also get some amazing photographs around these letters. If you are unsure what may work for the wedding theme, ask the wedding planner or the concerned hiring service to help you right.


A perfect DJ

Having a DJ at a wedding is the best way to entertain guests without trying too hard. Even if someone isn’t happy with the wine and dine, they can at least enjoy the music. DJs know all kinds of music, and you can work with them to create a playlist in advance, so that there is variety in the songs. Also, ask the DJ to keep all kinds of resources handy, so that guests’ requests can be entertained. For hiring the right DJ, make sure that you check their work and have a couple of meetings to discuss their charges, timings and other aspects.

Check for good services around you at least a month ahead, so as to get the best prices.